Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Genuine Home Theater Experience

Hard to believe but there was a time when the home entertainment options were limited to a collection of books and keeping a fireplace burning. We have, thankfully, moved light years away from those bad old days. Now more than ever our entertainment choices are the center from which we meet likeminded folks and unwind from our day to day lives. 

Pyle Audio is now offering a variety of some of the best products for home entertainment available at deep discounts to enrich the entertainment that is so important to us even more. We are currently selling screens and digital projectors at huge discounts with full one year warranties. With the options for entertainment growing day by day now is the first time that building a home theater with a projector and large pull down screen is actually affordable to the general public.

With modern projectors we are currently selling at incredible discounts you can plug your cable box, DVD or Blueray player, or even your Roku or video game system and make them bigger than ever before. This is perfect for parties with where video games are played for fun or just large viewing parties for your favorite television shows. To make the experience still better you can upgrade your home sound system using versatile and loud Bluetooth speakers

In all the upgrade of your home entertainment system is an affordable and attainable luxury that is available to you direct from our site right now. If you have been meaning to improve your home entertainment experience now is the time. If you are thinking about upgrading your home theater equipment give our site a look!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DJ Equipment At Deep Discounts

Professional DJ equipment is a pricy necessity for many professional disc jockeys. Having the latest equipment makes you a far more hirable for parties. It also assures that the reviews of your sets avoid claims that your work is unprofessional or that the sound quality was off. With the right equipment you can be sure that your work is something worth being proud of. By contrast if you are using older equipment or simply plugging into someone else's system you cannot really be sure of much of anything.

Investing in the work that you do is important. Construction workers make sure to buy high quality boots and the best tools on the market. Similarly, DJ's should make an effort to buy the best equipment available to them. Of course buying the best does not have to mean investing thousands of dollars in every piece of equipment. Shopping for deals is always a good idea no matter what your industry is.

Right now Pyle Audio is making things a lot easier and more affordable for disc jockeys looking for better equipment. You can start the new year right with new gear at incredibly reasonable rates. A variety of items that are must haves for anyone in the audio entertainment field are currently available to buy directly from Pyle's website. This refurbished  DJ equipment is fully functional and protected with a one year warranty. Plenty of time to be sure that the equipment is still in tip-top shape.

Among the must have items are Bluetooth speakers and PA systems. These items are things DJ's often rely on venues to provide but with your own you can make more money, renting out your equipment to venues that do not have these systems. There are also DJ lighting tripod stands. These stands can help you give your work a bit of visual panache to match your block rocking beats. Power amplifiers, mixers, and high performance turntables are also among the items coming in and out of Pyle's webstore right now. Of course the supply of these items is not endless. The site could be selling out of an integral piece of equipment you need right now.

Check out Pyle Audio's website now for these great deals and get your DJ equipment situation going in the right direction!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Check Out Our New Webstore for Great Deals!

retro-style turntables
Strapped for cash this holiday season but still looking to get your family high-quality home theater equipment, or other high-end audio equipment? 

Pyle Audio is changing things up over at our website, and these changes might just save the holidays! We have added a bunch of refurbished items to our first ever web store. This means that we are making a number of items available at deep discounts and hoping that consumers take advantage of the savings this holiday season. 

You might be asking yourself if you can trust these refurbished items. We understand, and we have addressed those concerns by putting a one year warranty on all of the items offered. If the item is faulty, we can replace or fix the items at no cost to you. It also means there is no excuse to not give your son or daughter that retro-style turntable with USB adapter they have been asking for. You can also buy similarly exciting gifts for everyone else on your holiday shopping list.

Know an aspiring DJ looking to strike out on his own? We have number of DJ equipment systems vital to anyone looking to fill up dance floors and keep the beat going. Pyle offers professional DJ power amplifiers that will give that young disc jockey a professional quality sound. There are also portable PA systems ideal not just for aspiring entertainers, but also perfect for family gatherings where speeches might be made.

in-dash receivers
Know someone who needs to replace his car stereo? We have a wealth of high-quality car audio equipment—our specialty. In-dash receivers are available with savings of as much as $50. We also have stylish and versatile touchscreen monitors for displaying a wide array of entertainment formats all from the comfort of your car.

All of these items and more are now available for purchase direct from Pyle Audio's website. While other consumers clamor for holiday deals unfurled on Black Friday, you can sleep in that day, secure in the knowledge that your family is going to be having the kind of holiday season they deserve. With the wealth of options available in our new web store, there is sure to be an item perfect for everyone on your list.

Friday, October 18, 2013

In-Dash Receivers and Music Equipment Keep You Culturally In Tune

home theater equipment
These days we have more entertainment at our fingertips than ever before. Whether you are rushing home to your home theater equipment and a loaded DVR full of your favorite shows and movies, or you are scrolling through the endless amounts of music available on streaming services from your phone, it is amazing that we ever make a decision.  

Luckily, we have more time than ever to enjoy entertainment. For adults, maximizing your entertainment time means springing for certain amenities. Bluetooth speakers can make listening to music while you do yard work or tinker in the garage easier. With the right setup, you should be able to enjoy all of your favorite entertainment anywhere in your home. This will make keeping ahead of your DVR a little bit easier and allow you to stay on top of the latest music releases without hip coworkers rolling their eyes at you.

Perhaps the most essential piece of equipment to keep up on entertainment is an in-dash receiver for your car. Americans spend a lot of time in their cars and that time can be spent mindlessly bouncing around radio stations looking for anything you can tolerate, or it can be spent enjoying a handpicked selection of your favorite tunes. With an in-dash receiver, your phone or portable music player can become a vital connection to all of your favorite radio programs, podcasts, music, and anything else you enjoy listening to.

There was a time when adulthood meant falling out of interest with your favorite culture. Sure, Dad might come home and watch one or two television programs or the game on Sunday, but enthusiastically enjoying new music wasn't an option. Today, with the help of an in-dash receiver and some other pieces of technology, you can stay up on entertainment well into old age.

While just buying entertainment equipment for your home and car will not keep your cultural relevance up, it can be incredibly helpful. You are investing in your interests and making it easier to pursue those interests when the time presents itself.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Are Retro-Style Turntables Right For Me?

retro style turntable
The return of vinyl, which we have discussed a lot on our blog, is exciting for music collectors and anyone working in the music industry, but why should someone take to the long nascent world of LPs and 45s?

It is a good question to be sure. An iPhone can stream tons of music on something that fits in your pockets. Attach that iPhone to an in-dash receiver and you can drive with the entire history of popular music near and far. It makes one wonder why people still collect large slabs of melted plastic imprinted with their favorite artists on them.

If you are not a music collector, owning records and playing them on a beautiful retro-style turntable can still carry a lot of charm. Unlike the short-attention-span listening your streaming-music service provides, a record can be an immersive experience. By listening top to bottom, you are experiencing the music in a very different way that even the easily skipped tracks on compact discs missed. Often times you will hear older music fans lament the disposable nature of modern music.

Maybe they have a point, or maybe the problem is us. If we are not giving something the time it takes to appreciate and are only checking out the hit singles on an album, how do we know the rest of the record is bad? Why would an artist even bother making a whole album no one would ever listen to?

For novice music listeners, the idea of purchasing LPs might still seem like an inherent hassle. Your retro-style turntable will take up space, and a rack of albums will take up even more space. Still, records and those retro turntables offer your home an aesthetic authenticity that not much else can provide. Even as your home-audio setup has expanded beyond your wildest imagination, much of even the best equipment can seem a little cold. Your Bluetooth speakers offer stellar fidelity, but do they make your house more of a home?

In the end, the rebirth of vinyl can turn a novice music fan into a totally psyched music fanatic. It will deepen your appreciation of music and offer you a new, stylish collection to show off to guests. When entertaining, combing through a stack of LPs simply has a better vibe than scrolling through Spotify. Dropping the needle on your retro-style turntable might just change the way you think about music.
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